Deejay’s Music School Business Card

Matheus Ferreira designed these business cards for Deejay’s, a modern and contemporary music school where students learn to play different musical instruments (from basic to advanced) based in Germany.

According to Matheus, the concept behind Deejay’s and its slogan ‘Music at all.’, is to bring learning and music to everyone in an easy, light and democratic way. Classes can take place in person and also online through a teaching platform on the school’s website.



Accessibility is a priority for Deejay’s, so both face-to-face and online classes have accessible tools from the teaching platform for people with special vision and hearing conditions. That way, anyone can learn to play a musical instrument and learn more about music.

Logo Design, Colours & Typography

Deejays logo2
To represent the brand in a timeless way, Matheus designed a logo consists of a record player, sound waves, letters ‘D’ and ‘J’. The old references add value and bring a certain baggage to the educational institution.

Deejays logo construction
The colours in bright and saturated tones were chosen following the eighteenth references of cassette tapes and vinyl records. The idea is to make a modern and current rereading of the colour combinations characteristic of that time.

Deejays branding_1


As for the typography, a sans serif font Proximate Regular was used. It has well-defined curves and is always used in lower case. This is to bring the feeling of closeness to the target audience – people of all ages who want to learn to play instruments; to produce or sing songs.

Deejays business card_1
This unique visual identity successfully ties the idea of ​​reaching people with a nostalgic attachment to musical styles of the past, and young audience who aspires to technological and modern productions.

These business cards are not printed, but if they were, Matheus would use Printi, an online printing service in Brazil. He would print the cards on a coated paper of 300g, in CMYK, with matte lamination on the front and back, without gloss varnish.



Designed by Matheus Ferreira

For Deejay’s

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