Asilverse Creative Agency Business Card

Nitin Gautam designed these business cards for Asilverse, a creative agency based in Delhi, India.

“The name ‘asilverse’ is actually made of two words – ‘universe’ and ‘silver’. They help startups and established companies in branding and UI/UX process,” Nitin said.

“Because of ‘silver’, I decided to go with a white, minimal approach for the card design.”

“The back design of the card is different for every team member, having a rectangular line of their favorite color.”

Whether it’s the lettering at the front or the illustration at the back of the card, both are quite fascinating to look at.

Especially when the cards are been put together, they seem to be inter-connected with one another, symbolizing creativity and how the team members are connected within the agency.


These business cards were offset printed using Pantone colours on Absolute White 300g cardstock with a velvet coating and spot UV varnish.


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Designed by Nitin Gautam

For Asilverse

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