Bud of Love wine store business cards

Bud of Love Wine Store Business Card

Lize Designs designed these business cards for Bud of Love, an Australia-based wine store featuring some of the best natural and organic wines.

Previously online only, Bud of Love is transitioning to a physical store and bar. According to Lize, it’s really important that the online brand experience they’ve created, is translated into a physical presence.

“Bud of Love wine store exists because they simply wanted to share their love of damn good wine with the world,” she said.

“The brand is cheeky, moody and mysterious, but most importantly, it isn’t afraid to have fun!”

A Well-Suited Brand Name & Illustrations

If you’re wondering if these are business cards or coasters, well, they’re both!

“One element of this was the creation of this coaster/business card mashup, which carries across the scalloped edge we have used across Bud of Love’s digital channels, as well as using some of the cute brand iconography,” Lize said.

We also found out from Lize that the brand’s visual identity was heavily influenced by several sources. One of them includes references to a line in Romeo and Juliet, where “Bud of Love” originated from.

The brand also pays homage to the “bud break,” which is a part of the winemaking process. The same idea inspired the illustration on the card – through the motif of a flower blooming from the wine bottle.

Bud of Love business cards


A Fun & Mysterious Typography

It’s hard not to be impressed with these uniquely shaped business cards. To add to their already catchy appearance, Lize used a special typeface called Glassure and customised it to fit the brand’s image.

Lize explained, “Typography makes up a huge part of Bud of Love’s brand personality – the brand would be nothing without it!”

“The typography nods to the brand’s roots, with a modern twist. The typography chosen is creative and fun, but moody and mysterious.”

Bud of Love_illustration & font


Bright Colours & Business Card Printing

Much like all of the other elements of the brand, the colour palette feels like wine and renaissance, with a modern twist.

“The brand’s colour palette is bright, poppy and fun, while still having the edge of mystery.”

“One of the most used colour combinations across the brand is black on lilac, helping the brand stand out and grab your attention.”

HHHI printed these scalloped edges business cards on 540gsm Colorplan Lavender with a black gloss foil on both sides and custom diecut to shape.


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Designed by Lize Designs

Printed by HHHI

For Bud of Love

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