Round Shaped Business Cards

Featuring business cards that are round. Check out these creative round shaped business cards.

Bud of Love Wine Store Business Card

Bud of Love wine store business cards

Lize Designs designed these business cards for Bud of Love, an Australia-based wine store featuring some of the best natural and organic wines. Previously online only, Bud of Love is transitioning to a physical store and bar. According to Lize,…

Golden Fox Brewing Business Card

Golden Fox Brewing business cards

Mark Harley designed these business cards for Golden Fox, a company that brews a range of craft beers which are distributed around London. We are immediately drawn to the visual identity thanks to its catchy golden fox-shaped logo, the all-caps…

Jackson Pediatric Dentistry Business Card


A round die-cut shape gets rid of all the sharp corners of a standard business card, helping make this design for Jackson Pediatric Dentistry kid-friendly. Likewise, the quirky font and cartoon of a smiling little kid create an energetic, youthful…