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Katie Brioux designed these business cards for, a television news site. Its owner, Bill Brioux, is an author and established writer from Toronto who writes about all things Canadian media & television.

The business card design matches the website, which were designed holistically. The main logo appears on the front side of the card with either the blue or onyx colours from the brand palette.

The TV (in the logo) isn’t a fancy flat screen TV that you’d more likely see these days, but the illustration of an older TV, from the 1960’s, to show that Brioux had been on the TV scene for many years now – keeping up with current TV, and a walking trivia machine for all classic films & television.

On the info side, you have the standard contact information, social media profiles, and then a little eyebrow-raising TV character—just to add some personality to the brand.

Katie recommended MOO for the card-printing because of their quality and variety of choices.

These Brioux’s business cards are the basic cards, 16pt weight and square corners with a soft-to-touch matte finish. When it comes to designing and printing business cards,

“Less is more.” Katie said, “Keep it simple, only include the basic information, allow for lots of negative space, and don’t overthink it! Business cards just need to communicate 1. who the person is, and 2. how to reach them.”

“These cards in particular were very simple to produce because they didn’t need anything fancy. However, I always love seeing letter-pressed business cards on a soft-to-touch paper stock.”

“Or a gold foil accent that catches the light— those kinds of things really make business cards stand out and make people want to keep them.”

Designed by Katie Brioux

Printed by MOO

For Bill Brioux (

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