Bring Eat business cards

Bring Eat Meal Delivery Business Card

Raquel Gonçalves and Leonor Cunha designed these business cards for Bring Eat, a company that was founded in 2016 and delivers meals from local restaurants in some cities in Portugal; aims at proximity and relationship with customers.

“Our design inspirations were Brazilian brands in the same sector – fun and lively brands. As we did the planning and development of the company’s entire marketing, we thought about the project as a whole: design, the web and marketing,” Raquel said.

Bring Eat logotype
Explaining further regarding the colour palette of the brand, she continued, “The colour red was defined to maintain coherence with the old identity. However, we added orange, which is a warm colour to associate with red and not so intense in terms of visual and meaning. In addition, it is a colour that is associated with food, which goes hand in hand with the Bring Eat business.”

Bring Eat packing designBring Eat bags
“Light green, a cold colour, which represents natural foods adds a touch of freshness to the two warm colours, almost like the spice on top of hot food. Previously, the client had the problem of only communicating with the colour red and now with this new colour palette, the brand comes to life.”

The font used for the logo ‘Bring Eat’ is called Estilo Text Bold.

Bring Eat client cardBring Eat client card1
These business cards were printed by a small printing company in Porto, Portugal.

“There were two types of card been printed: the business card and the client card. On the business card – with red as the main colour on the front while white on the back – we had matt lamination and the logo with high relief. As for the client card, although red/white were used but here it was with different finishes. Preference was given to the choice of paper with a 300gr + 300gr plywood and the red sides (edges). Since this card has to work with manual stamps, so for better adhesion, we don’t use lamination,” Raquel explained.

Bring Eat business_cardBring Eat business cardBring Eat web design

Designed by Raquel Gonçalves and Leonor Cunha at Axon Studio

For Bring Eat

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