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Nalu Boat Rental Business Card

NALU business card

Diego Cisneros designed these business cards for Nalu, a boat and yacht rental company located in Ibiza, Spain. Speaking of the design process and inspirations behind the card design, Diego said, “The client wanted their brand to be literal, many proposals were…

Bring Eat Meal Delivery Business Card

Bring Eat business cards

Raquel Gonçalves and Leonor Cunha designed these business cards for Bring Eat, a company that was founded in 2016 and delivers meals from local restaurants in some cities in Portugal; aims at proximity and relationship with customers. “Our design inspirations were…

Black Room Consulting Business Card

Blackroom business card 2

Erva Design designed these business cards for Black Room, a company dedicated to consultancy in the most varied areas of the market. Black Room is a company that offers solutions for modernizing corporations, providing consulting services, and enhancing lifestyles. Erva…