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Black Room Consulting Business Card

Erva Design designed these business cards for Black Room, a company dedicated to consultancy in the most varied areas of the market.

Black Room is a company that offers solutions for modernizing corporations, providing consulting services, and enhancing lifestyles.

Erva Design developed a creative process that resulted in a unique and cohesive visual identity for the client.

They came up with a logo that not only represents the company’s personality and values but also serves as the foundation for all other branding materials.

As a result, a bold and elegant brand image reflecting the brand’s identity is born!

The design inspiration for this project came mostly from the name and the multidisciplinary of the company.

Due to that, the business card uses mainly black to convey the brand image while the white texts are used for contact info and the logo.

This decision has helped to unify all communication materials and create a cohesive brand image.

Nothing beats a good old black and white colour combo for that stunning, professional and confident look!

Blackroom logos


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Gráfica Pacense via serigraphy printing technique, using high relief to highlight the logo on the card.

The embossed/debossed technique is perfect to make the business card stand out!

The creative logotype can be seen and felt on both sides of the card, imprinted on the prospects’ minds as they run their fingers through the raised and recessed areas of the card.

What a perfect way to add impact to an otherwise minimalist business card design!


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Black Room Consulting stationery

Designed by Erva Design

Printed by Gráfica Pacense

For Black Room

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