Bowwow dog training business cards

Bowwow Academy Dog Trainer Business Card

Zoë Boudreau designed these business cards for Bowwow Academy, a renowned dog training school in North Vancouver, Canada.

The dog trainer’s business card design is eye-catching with a bright colour palette and a fun logo. The business cards are part of a rebranding project as well.

“The client uses positive reinforcement training and needed a brand that blasted positivity too,” Zoë said.

“The inspiration of the brand was all focused on the spirit of the dog. We put canines at the centre of the logo and continued to use this in our colour, illustration, patterning and typography.”

Bowwow Academy dog training_Mobile


Logo Design & Brand Image

The business owner has a genuine love for animals and trains her customers’ pets in a way that is both effective and enjoyable. She has always loved dogs and has a passion for working with them.

Therefore, it’s important for the new visual identity to reflect all those qualities while still being memorable.

The logo cleverly incorporates both the illustration and the brand name together flawlessly. The dog’s legs are actually the two W’s in a handwritten gestural approach.

“Having the dog integrate seamlessly with the logotype was important, so making it as though it were a quick sketch really helps to pull it all together,” Zoë explained.

“The colours and logo mark are fun, vibrant, and colourful to evoke the playfulness of the brand.”

BOWWOW dog training academy illustration


A Custom Handwritten Logotype

The handwritten font is a custom design for the logotype, while the word “ACADEMY” is set in Brevia.

Zoë remarked, “Brevia helps balance the handwritten ‘Bow Wow’ word mark by being blockier while also being reminiscent of school and college.”

“Lastly, Bow Wow’s copy font is GT Walsheim. It’s a fun and beautiful sans serif that really helps bring out the voice of the brand.”

All in all, the typography strikes a wonderful mix between seriousness and playfulness, giving a nice balance of being both informational and fun.

BOWWOW dog training academy logo

A Lively Colour Palette

Green and pink are chosen as brand colours. According to Zoë, both are used in a way that really makes the business cards pop.

“The colours are initially derived from the original design, but it was expanded to include the grassy greens on which dogs play, poop, and sniff on.”

“The ‘Zommie Energy’ Pink and ‘Tennis Ball’ Green are the brand’s two most vibrant colours, and they look great on the business cards.”

BOWWOW certificate


The Printing of Business Cards

MOO printed these business cards on 32pt luxe paper with pink accents on the seams.

“The business cards are printed on a thicker stock to provide a grander sense of quality.”

“The pink painted edge for the business cards was a nice way to bring in some pink on the green ones too and tie them all together.”


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Designed by Zoë Boudreau

For Bowwow Academy

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