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Boho Architecture Business Card

Uniforma Studio designed these business cards for Boho Studio, an architecture firm based in Warsaw, Poland.

Magda, Anna, and Maria are incredibly talented architects who are driven by passion and commitment. The biggest challenge faced by Boho was that its previous branding had become outdated and did not reflect the studio’s values.

After doing some research, Uniforma Studio decided to rebrand the firm with a modern look, stylish colours, and distinctive typography in a world where architects are typically black and white.

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Patterns & Typography

“Our client challenged us to create an image that shows that her company is already an established, experienced team, while at the same time, full of character and personality. They create warm, colourful, and texture-filled interior arrangements and wanted their visual identity to reflect that,” said the Graphic Designer of Uniforma Studio.

“We also included abstract forms with textures in the visual identity, showing that interior design is not only about functionality and technical aspects, but also textures, colours and patterns.”

The typography used in the visual identity are Eksell Display (for the logotype) and Basier Circle (contact details).

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Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Pangolin Print, a Polish printing house based in Łódź.

According to Uniforma Studio, “We decided to go with Crush Corn paper from Europapier Polska (Europaper Poland). As indicated by its name, the paper is GMO free, ecological and partially obtained from corn, with little particles visible that added additional value to the whole project. We glued two 250g papers into one to achieve thickness and stiffness.”

“Since Boho Studio is not a big company, they don’t require a large number of business cards. Therefore, offset printing was not profitable here. Fortunately, Pangolin Print has digital printing technology that is as high-quality as offset or screen printing.”

Overall, this is a contemporary business card design that’s both memorable and visually appealing!

Boho Studio business cardsBoho Studio brandingBoho Studio_1 Boho Studio websiteBoho Studio stationery

Designed by Uniforma Studio

Printed by Pangolin Print

For Boho Studio

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