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Blossie Wedding Stationery Designer Business Card

Hannah Negus designed these business cards for Blossie, her personal branding as a designer specializing in creating individualised, chic wedding stationery and signage in Tasmania, Australia.

“At Blossie, we understand everyone is different and that you have your own unique ideas as to how you visually want to display your wedding day off in your style,” Hannah said.

“We work with clients to create pieces that show off their love story on paper (or any other medium!) Whether it’s through custom illustrations, calligraphy or various printing methods – the wedding stationery and signage will be uniquely ‘you’.”

blossie logoBlossie sublogo

The logo design is inviting and lovely! Speaking of the design inspiration behind it, Hannah said, “My logo was designed to be classic. A simple serif typeface that wouldn’t date.”

“I decided to incorporate the heart on the top of the ‘i’ to refer back to what we do is around ‘love’. For our sub-logo, I use the ‘B’ with the heart as the full stop.”

According to Hannah, the business cards were designed to be in some of their branding colours – soft peach card with burnt orange-brown letterpress.

She chose the arch shape business card as she wanted something a bit different, but still classic.

“I feel like the arch shape is timeless, while also trendy and not the norm for business cards.”

“I chose to have our tagline ‘uniquely you wedding stationery + signage’ curve around the top of the arch, rather than straight to give the business card more balance and breathing space from the logo. Our main details were then added below the logo.”

blossie arch shape businesscard

These business cards were letterpress-printed on a thick 600gsm peach paper stock with an arch die-cut.

“I wanted our cards to be super tactile. Business cards are often the first piece of stationery a potential client / client will get from me – so the first impression is everything. The way these business cards feel is unlike your average business card.”

“I chose the 600gsm paper so that the letterpress impression would be deeper and leave more of an impact opposed to 300gsm. As letterpress is high touch it leaves more of a lasting impression than standard print.”

This is a clean, elegant business card design that not only catches the eye but the prospect’s heart too for sure!


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Blossie business cardsBlossie envelope

Designed by Hannah Negus at Blossie

For Blossie

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