Big Leaf Café Business Card

Komal Narwani designed these business cards for Big Leaf Cafe, a chic café crafting an everyday menu of tasteful sandwiches, salads and small bites in Aryaduta Hotels, Jakarta.

This was a branding project under Mobo Design, a branding studio in Beijing/Hong Kong. According to Komal, the venue is a cafe inspired by big Asian tropical leaves due to the surroundings of the restaurant.

Big Leaf Cafe illustration
“The inspiration behind our design was based on vintage botanical drawings and the adaptation of these to modern times with the use of vector illustration. We focused on custom tropical leaf illustrations to illustrate this concept for the café,” Komal said.

There were a few variants created for the business cards. The typography, illustrations and the colour palettes were all delicately designed to showcase a unique, minimal yet modern visual identity.

These business cards were printed on 350g recycled paper by a printing company based in Beijing, China.

Designed by Komal Narwani at Mobo Design

For Big Leaf Café (Aryaduta Hotels, Lippo Group)

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