BIAP research business cards

BIAP Research Group Business Card

Studio Carreras designed these business cards for BIAP, a research group at the University of Barcelona.

The business card design uses colourful geometric shapes to grab attention. It evokes curiosity and interest, especially about the idea behind it.

The Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy (BIAP) is a joint effort from different institutions, specialized in analytical philosophy.


A Professional Brand Image

The goal of BIAP is to maintain and strengthen the collaborative relationships among its member research groups and to host future joint research projects that are funded at the state and international levels.

Therefore, the business cards need to be able to convey the idea of collaboration, express trustworthiness, and at the same time not appear too rigid.

“The client wanted a professional image that stood out from the rest of similar academic institutions and conveyed the idea of philosophy and thinking in an elegant way,” said Genis Carreras, the founder of Studio Carreras.

BIAP research group logo


A Logo Formed by Connecting the Business Cards

The business cards come in different versions. When placing them in the correct order, we are treated to a visual display of the brand’s logo! How clever!

Genis explained, “The logo uses overlapping circles to convey the idea of thinking, the connections between ideas, and the multiple lenses we use to see the world.”

“At the same time, the resulting design resembles the iconic Barcelona tile, designed by Antoni Gaudí and can be found throughout the city of Barcelona.”

“I thought it was an excellent way to link the abstract and generic, with the literal and specific.”


Custom Font and Vibrant Colors

The logotype font was custom-designed by Genis especially for this brand. Avenir Next Regular was used for the body text.

“The acronym is a custom font created from simple shapes to connect with the anatomy of the logo and the purity of ideas,” he said.

As for the colors, the combination of blue and other vibrant colors makes the business cards pop, especially against a white background.

“The colour palette is formed by dark blue contrasted by four diverse bright colors that come from the light, enhancing the overlapping lens effect.”

All in all, this is a dynamic and effective business card design that’s super catchy and memorable!


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BIAP research group business cardBIAP research logomarkBIAP logo_Barcelona tilesBIAP research group logo

Designed by Studio Carreras


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