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Berus and Paul Art Gallery Space Business Card

Storm Slash Studio designed these business cards for Berus and Paul, a decoration and art expo based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

John Berus and Nick Paul approached Storm Slash Studio to create a new branding for their art gallery space, which showcases a diverse range of art products, including graphic designs, architectural drawings, photography, and historical specimens.

Ha Phan Nguyen, founder of Storm Slash Studio, explained that the client wanted a minimalist and modern layout for the business cards to evoke a sense of tranquility and peace found in art exhibitions.


Logo Design

The business card design reflects minimalism while incorporating interesting elements to make it memorable.

The logo was specifically created to represent the initials of the two owners, “P” and “B,” and they later formed a pattern by merging the lines.

Storm Slash Studio made several business card variations: some with different colours and some with a tactile embossing printing effect (mockup).

Either way, they all stay true to the simplicity and contemporary aesthetic of the brand.

Berus and Paul Art Gallery business cards


Typography and Colours

The typeface used in the business card design is Neue Montreal, which exudes a modern, sophisticated feel that is ideal for this neutral and minimal exhibition project.

Storm Slash Studio wanted to infuse some character and visual appeal into their branding, so they decided on a neutral colour palette.

They chose red and grey as the primary colours, with a touch of white to complement the colour scheme.

By combining these three colours, they were able to create a visual brand that truly stands out.

While red brings a striking element, the combination of grey and white adds a neutral and modern look to the business cards.


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were digitally printed by a newly established small studio in Hanoi.

Storm Slash Studio opted for Conqueror 300gsm paper to provide a sleek and smooth surface for the business cards.


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Designed by Storm Slash Studio

For Berus and Paul

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