Bepro Talent Management Business Card

Bepro Talent Management Business Card

Sonia Castillo Studio designed these business cards for Bepro, a talent management company.

Bepro is focused on the representation of young sportsmen and women in order to boost their career in the world of sports by obtaining scholarships, grants and sports programs.

“The brand was developed with a strong inspiration to the sports world and youth, using expressive and dynamic colours,” Sonia said.

“It also developed a logo with a custom typography, with rounded and dynamic shapes, reminiscent of the movements of athletes and the shapes that surround the tracks on which they compete.”

“We have fled from the masculine image of sport, which is usually very aggressive and ‘bold’ in most brands and sports environments.”

“For this reason, a neutral corporate identity has been built, in which both sexes will be reflected.”

“An identity that reflects youth and dynamism, in which we can perceive a modern, attractive and young image.”

These business cards were printed on Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk 300gr paper stock (Ink: CMYK).


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Designed by Sonia Castillo Studio

For Bepro

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