Barrie Connor interior business cards

Barrie Connor Interior Design Business Card

SOAP designed these business cards for Barrie Connor, an interior designer with a New York pedigree who deals with both the residential and commercial sectors and features a broad spectrum of clients from business to homeowners.

These minimalist, copper-foiled business cards are elegant and sophisticated. They are available in several colour variations, allowing prospects to select the one that best suits their style.


The Inspiration and Design Process

Barrie approached SOAP to create an identity that is representative of him as a designer and to reflect his design aesthetic – a luxurious, classic style with a modern twist.

His brand identity and business cards needed to demonstrate what he stands for and appeal to a broad range of his residential and commercial clients, both men and women and be able to demonstrate his ability to adapt to any environment.

“Our chosen direction had three bespoke colours to make up a unique set of swatches,” said Katie Rebairo, the Creative Director of SOAP.

“The individual colours – Blush, Delft Blue and Rich Tan – were inspired by those found in classic interiors but now combined in a fresh and complimentary way.”

Barrie Connor Interior Design business cards

However, the mentioned colours weren’t available as standard Pantone colours.

Therefore, the colours were mixed by the designing team with printer to create the wanted hues – and something truly unique to Barrie.

Katie explained, “This refinement of each hue meant the colours could be adjusted to marry together perfectly.”

“Printing onto uncoated cotton board allowed the colour to come to life and form part of tactile material not unexpected from fabric swatches used by an interior designer.”

Barrie gets to select an appropriate colour/card for each client that he meets, with the three colours working harmoniously together, and independently.

This act is a small gesture in context of a designer meeting a client for the first time, but helps to set the tone for a collaborative process between designer and client.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Logick Print using 3 bespoke mixed Pantone inks on GF Smith Colorplan paper stock.

The logotype was printed in rose copper foil. The foiling and intricate detailing in the logotype imply a high level of craftsmanship and a subtle emboss added to the refinement.

“The copper foil continues on the contrasting white reverse of the card and features an established date 2015 – a subtle nod to the traditional which is contrasted with a clean, elegant sans serif typographic treatment,” Katie added.


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Design Consultancy by SOAP™

Creative by Katie Rebairo

Printed by Logick Print

For Barrie Connor Interior Design

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