Backwell Country House Business Card

Carl Syn Cozier designed these business cards for Backwell House, a newly refurbished 19th century country house just outside Bristol with amazing food and truly stunning scenery.

“Backwell House needed a logo that sat well with the buildings style and vintage decor, but also one that gave a nod to its heritage – note the antlers curl to mimic the shape of a heart, as the venue is ideal for weddings,” Carl said.

backwell logo

Backwell House wanted cards that reflected to attention to detail that is present throughout the country house. In response to the client’s request, Carl made two types of business cards:

1st type – gold foil and blind impression on 700gsm colorplan ebony;

2nd type – copper foil and one letterpress ink on 700gsm colorplan bright white.

Both designs look elegant and stylish, representing Backwell House’s brand perfectly!

“They also wanted stationary/branding that reflected to attention to detail that’s present throughout this unique house. Therefore, I opted for using an old encyclopaedia print as the basis for the branding.”

These business cards were printed by Glasgow Press, which according to Carl, specializing in high-end letterpress techniques.


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backwell business card_4backwell business card_1backwell business card_3Backwell stationery

Designed by Carl Syn Cozier from Holy Moly (UK)

Printed by Glasgow Press

For Backwell House

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