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Austeria Wine Boutique Business Card

Estudio Albino designed these business cards for Austeria, a wine boutique and bar featuring an artisanal selection of wines located in Sidney, Ohio.

Austeria’s mission is to become the go-to place in the area to learn about the local wine culture through unique experiences.

Their business cards are designed to express a sophisticated image, with unique line arts created especially for the brand, which are further enhanced by the amazing green/gold colours and print finishes.

It’s time to unveil the creativity behind this stunning visual identity!


Brand Image

Austeria is said to be more than just a location. It’s a state of mind that allows you to reconnect with yourself and focus on the things you enjoy while forgetting about the mundane.

Therefore, it’s important for their visual identity to express that it’s a place with a unique, artistic, elegant and contemporary personality.


Logo Design and Typography

According to Estudio Albino, the unique logo takes inspiration from the artistic current of Art-Deco.

It reinterprets the brand in a contemporary way, achieving a modern identity with classic and elegant touches.

The letter “A” from the brand’s initial can be seen in the symbol, covering a wineglass, which is a classy interpretation of the wine boutique itself.

The logotype was custom-designed by Estudio Albino especially for their client.

However, while the logotype was made from scratch, Estudio Albino explained that the custom font was based on sans serifs in a bold weight and also took artistic inspiration from the Art-Deco era to achieve a strong, contemporary and elegant brand communication.

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Colour Palette and Pattern Designs

Green is the main colour used across all the stationery designs, packaging, and other collateral.

Austeria’s business cards actually come in three colour versions – light green, emerald green and white.

The designers at Estudio Albino stated that they wanted the colour palette to represent elegance, which is why they selected a range of greens and added a touch of gold, achieving a combination with a lot of personality.

Apart from that, they also developed a series of distinctive textures and iconography for the brand.

“To give the brand a broader dimension, we developed a series of modular textures inspired by the Art-Deco movement, achieving a very flexible identity with a lot of personality that’s artistic and elegant,” Estudio Albino said.

“Also, some illustrations were developed from the modules generated for the textures.”

When combined with green and finishes in copper and gold tones, these outstanding elements further accentuate the richness of the era!


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed with gilded edges on Tintoretto and classic eggshell cardboard.

Estudio Albino suggested gold foil printing for the business cards to highlight the elegant and artistic part of the brand.

Overall, the clever use of colours and geometric patterns showcases the amazing craftsmanship of Estudio Albino in this luxurious branding.

It’s truly an amazing business card design that fully captures the premium and stylishness of the brand!


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Designed by Estudio Albino

For Austeria

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