Ara Estudio Graphic Designer Business Card

Ara Estudio Graphic Designer Business Card

Leticia Ortín designed these business cards for Ara Estudio, her self-branding as a designer based in Barcelona.

Geometry, black and white, contrast, experimentation, visual tendencies, detail photography and composition – these are some of the words describing Ara Estudio, and also the major design directions for Leticia to create her brand.

“While designing my own brand, I was thinking about the kind of designs I do and I what I want to transmit,” Leticia said.

“I really love geometry as a way of expression. Also, I try to make my brand with few colours but with a good typography to go with it.”

Leticia kept her design minimal while applying lines and geometry shapes creatively in her card design.

Apart from that, eye-catching colour combinations such as black and white, red and black are a big plus!

Everything contributes to the contrast and dynamic feel of the cards.

These sleek, stylish business cards were printed on 120g white paper.


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Ara Estudio Graphic Designer Business Card2

Designed by Leticia Ortín

For Ara Estudio (personal branding)

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