Aparna journalist business card

Aparna Karthikeyan Author & Journalist Business Card

Studio Fable designed these business cards for Aparna Karthikeyan, a celebrated author and independent journalist based in India.

Much like the brand itself, the business cards have stories to tell. They come in two colour variations. With a minimalist approach, Studio Fable added some botanical elements to the business card design, which give the brand a more approachable feel.

However, the plant type chosen for the business card actually gives a hint about the owner’s strength and her ability to deliver high-quality content.


The Brand’s Mission and Logo Design

As a journalist, Aparna focuses on bringing the narratives of rural and marginalized Indians’ lives to the forefront.

She hopes to give a voice to the underrepresented people by reporting about their dreams, hopes, fears, triumphs, and everyday trials.

Aparna’s logo is a combination of her name with a special illustrative element.

“After toying around with the idea of 4 o’clock flowers, we finally decided on the heart-shaped leaves of the Poovarsan tree for the identity,” explained Sakshi Jalan, the founder of Studio Fable.

“It’s a soft yet bold symbol, a combination of qualities that are an undertone to all of Aparna’s work.”

Aparna journalist logo


Elegant Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is called Philosopher, which is a Google font with subtle elegant elements on the stems of the letters.

Sakshi continued, “Overall, the typeface worked well with the essence of the brand. It was also easy to be paired with Tamil typefaces, which was an important part of the branding.”

“One of the first things that Aparna mentioned about herself was her deep respect for and roots in South India, especially Tamil Nadu.”

“She lives and works out of Chennai, so we thought it was necessary to provide a Tamil rendition of her identity.”

“We got lucky when we found a Tamil typeface that paired beautifully with our primary font.”

Aparna journalist_logotype


Colour Palette and Business Card Printing

The brand colours used are grassroots brown, storyteller white, treehugger green, and earth blue.

According to Sakshi, Aparna was certain that earthy colours should be used in her visual identity because they reflected her love for nature, animals, and her commitment to emphasize the marginalized, inclusion, and growth for all people.

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Sakshi suggested having them printed on 300gsm fine art paper.


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Designed by Studio Fable

For Aparna Karthikeyan

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