Anastasia Licciardello business cards

Anastasia Illustrator Business Card

Anastasia Licciardello designed these business cards for her self-branding as an illustrator.

“The business cards were made for my freelance business. I’m still studying, but I’m already starting to make picture books, board games and t-shirts with my prints,” Anastasia said.

“The goal of the design was to reflect the simplicity, cartoon nature and playfulness of my brand.”


Creative Use of Colour & Illustration

The business cards are unique with different drawings on the back (of the cards) to highlight Anastasia’s illustrative skills and make them memorable.

In case you’re wondering, these illustrations are not just some random art work that Anastasia created.

She explained, “I wanted each drawing to depict a unique character who could have an intrinsic story and who, depending on his face and features, could capture the attention of different personalities.”

Anastasia Licciardello cartoon_3

As for the colour palette, Anastasia drew inspiration from cartoons such as Gravity Falls and Steven Universe.

“I chose these colours due to their nature, which is also similar to that of my cartoon characters.”


Simple Typography & Business Card Printing

The typeface used in the visual branding is Abel Regular.

According to Anastasia, it’s a sans serif font that, with its simplicity and its strokes, goes well with her illustrations.

These rounded edges business cards were printed on ecological coated paper (200gr) by Fotograph, a printing company in Palermo, Italy.


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Anastasia Licciardello business cardsAnastasia Licciardello cartoon_1 Anastasia Licciardello cartoon_2 Anastasia Licciardello cartoon_4

Designed by Anastasia Licciardello

Printed by Fotograph

For Anastasia Licciardello personal branding

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