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Ananda Vets Business Card

IRÜBI Studio designed these business cards for Ananda Vets, a veterinarian clinic run by Andrea, Eva and María, where professionalism, dedication and empathy are their main goals.

This is the perfect business card idea to stand out as a vet! These business cards are super fun and eye-catching, with the friendly animal illustrations as the focal point of the design.

How did IRÜBI come up with this fascinating idea to incorporate the drawings, not only on the business cards but also on other branding materials as well?


Brand Image and Illustrations

IRÜBI found out that their clients needed a different and emotional brand, full of kindness, closeness and warmth that would position them as a benchmark in the sector.

Therefore, the design studio created nice and gentle letterings for the name. At the same time, they developed casual illustrations that, together, make Ananda’s graphic universe appear more friendly, charismatic, and distinctive.

The illustrative elements are used throughout the branding materials, such as envelopes, tote bags, mugs and more. Speaking of making a memorable brand!

Apart from the business cards, IRÜBI also created some bold and playful signage for different spaces within the clinic, ensuring a consistent and positive brand image.

Ananda_Vets_brand identity design


Typography and Colour Palette

If you think that the logotype is just as adorable as the illustrations, you’re not alone. IRÜBI designed it specifically for the brand!

It expertly paired the thick, bold and rounded main word “Ananda” with an elegant yet kind ligature for the word “Vets.”

Such a combination strikes the perfect balance for the brand name on the business card!

When it comes to the brand colours, IRÜBI steered clear of the typical turquoise, teal and orange that are often associated with veterinary clinics.

Instead, they opted for a powerful palette using joyful and energetic tones, making Ananda Vets truly stand out from the crowd!


Printing of Business Cards

Although the pictures you see here are mockups, IRÜBI told us the actual business cards were printed on 280gsm paper.

To add extra visual appeal, the illustrations of the dogs and cats feature a UV varnish, making them truly shine and distinctive!

With adorable animal drawings stealing the spotlight, who can resist the irresistible charm that these business cards bring?


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Designed by IRÜBI studio

For Ananda Vets

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