Amperian Wedding Service Business Card

Yana and Jun designed these business cards for Amperian, a wedding services provider specializing in desserts bar.

Amperian approached Yana and Jun to develop the identity, including positioning and naming of the brand.

“A distinct color palette combination is developed to help establish Amperian as a bold new contender in a relatively new market,” Jun said.

Keeping in line with the company’s business of creating customized wedding services, the business cards are printed in as many different colour variations to give them a unique quality.

The dual tone background is a beautiful match to the logotype, which has a clear legibility due to its perfectly chosen font type – Areplos.

These business cards were printed by MOO.

According to Jun, “We wanted to take advantage of digital printing to give as much variety to the name cards as possible, so even though it was quite a nightmare to upload 150 different PDFs through the browser, it was worth it. Each card is quadplexed into a 600gsm-thick card with customizable coloured edges.”

A truly outstanding effort to celebrate variety while standing out from a pile of regular business cards!

Designed by Yana & Jun at BÜRO UFHO

Printed by MOO

For Amperian

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