Alvor agricultural business card

Alvor Agricultural Business Card: Memorable & Innovative

Walter Mattos and Iure Figueira designed these business cards for Alvor, a company that specialised in increasing soil productivity through services such as topography and precision farming.

As a leader in the agricultural industry for over two decades, Alvor wanted a fresh look without losing touch with its legacy.

The rebranding highlights the need to maintain the positive image the company has developed over the past two decades while updating the language to a friendlier and more modern tone.


Naming and Brand Image

The newly chosen brand name, Alvor, conveys the idea of “dawn,” symbolising a fresh start and the beginning of a new day.

Walter and Iure’s business card design combines classic elements with contemporary touches to pay homage to Alvor’s history and give a glimpse into its future.

Alvor’s goal is to distinguish itself by delivering unparalleled quality and providing a unique customer experience. Despite its strong connection to the rural environment, Alvor embraces technology and modernity.

Rooted in values such as partnership, friendship, commitment, and service satisfaction, Alvor aspires to be a reliable partner, contributing to the realisation of common objectives and meeting the needs of its customers in the most efficient way possible.


Logo Design

The logo redesign is a remarkable representation of Alvor’s identity. It reminiscent of a field with the sun on the horizon and aligns perfectly with the name ‘Alvor’ (dawn).

This strategic connection adds a layer of depth to the brand, expressing a fresh start and the first light of day.

Also, it’s the perfect representation of the company’s agricultural roots and suggests a futuristic, tech-savvy approach.

Alvor agricultural logoAlvor agricultural logo construction


Typography & Colour Palette

According to Walter, the logotype was based on a typeface called Circe Slab.

“We chose variations of the lowercase letters ‘V,’ ‘O’ and ‘R’ to add a sense of propriety and institutional character without losing the appearance of a friendly and inviting brand.”

“As for the colours, they were inspired by the agricultural universe: earth, crops, sunlight, ripe fruit, and so on,”

The colours not only resonate with the agricultural theme but also add a touch of modernity and vibrancy to the brand. They really make the details stand out!


Pattern Design

The business cards come in multiple versions and differ in green tones and pattern designs. It is certainly a thoughtful and creative approach!

Walter explained that the patterns represent a top-down view of the farmer’s soil, and they were created using a modular 4 x 4 matrix.

This pattern, coupled with the chosen colour palette, creates a sense of harmony and visual interest. It effectively communicates Alvor’s commitment to growth and vitality in the agricultural sector.

Alvor agricultural stationery


Printing of Business Cards

While the business cards showcased here are mockups, Walter suggested having them printed in a size of 90mm x 48mm on recycled paper with matte varnish embellishment.

All in all, Alvor’s business card design skillfully combines classic and contemporary elements to convey the company’s values effectively.

This will no doubt leave a professional and memorable impression on the prospects!


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Design Direction: Walter Mattos

Graphic Design: Walter Mattos, Iure Figueira

Naming: Batiza Naming

For Alvor

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