AFRE Charity Business Card

Submachine and Circumstances Creative Co. designed these business cards for AFRE, a small charity operation in rural Hungary.

“This was a pro-bono project where we approached the client to offer our help because we were impressed with the work they were doing for their local community, providing after-school activities for seriously disadvantaged (mostly) Roma children,” said Ákos Polgárdi, the designer of Submachine.

“We wanted to make the process as inclusive as possible so e.g. in the case of business cards we just printed them with minimal typography and let the kids finish them with stamps and brand colours.”

AFRE business card

This is a brilliant idea to redefine the brand in a contemporary way while emphasizing its playful and diverse aspects.

DigitalPress printed the wordings on the business cards digitally on 300gsm Munken Polar stock while the geometric elements of the new visual identity were hand-stamped using four colors.

It’s a minimal design that raises awareness: every single card is unique, worth the attention and has a story to tell.

Designed by Submachine and Circumstances Creative Co.

Printed by DigitalPress, Budapest


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