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A. Rinkel Leather Accessories Business Card

Vanya Silva & La Conceptualist designed these business cards for A. Rinkel, a premium brand that produces genuine bred crocodile leather accessories.

Rinkel is based in Colombia, but the products are sold globally. Vanya Silva worked together with La Conceptualist to create the brand’s identity during its S/S 2015 photo campaign.

“In order to emphasize the brand´s premium look, we worked with crocodile synthesized textures, noble papers and gold stamping,” explained Vanya, the Creative Director of Bunker3022.

What attracts people the most is none other than the gold seal and the artistic lettering on the cards.

“We designed a special seal that works as a guarantee of genuine crocodile leather. For the naming of the different collections, we chose a gestural but sophisticated typography, with the objective of stressing the craftsmanship’s work,” Vanya added.

The business cards were printed on cotton papers via engraving and hot-stamping (in gold) techniques. A very classy and sophisticated design indeed!

Designed by Vanya Silva (Bunker3022) & La Conceptualist

For A. Rinkel

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