Ziellagra business cards

Ziellagra Makeup Artist Business Card

Mateus Yuzo designed these business cards for Ziellagra, a makeup artist based in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The owner of the brand, Graziella Silva, has an artistic nature. She approached Mateus for the branding project, hoping to express her brand as a professional who’s passionate about original art and creations.

Graziella’s work redefines self-esteem, by freeing oneself from aesthetic standards and enhances own characteristics; transmitting this in artistic creations and to her clients, always showing the identity of each woman.

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“Graziella hopes to reveal the real identity and natural beauty of each woman. She loves gloss, pebbles, crazy and colorful outlines, real skin, bright cheeks. Her creations range from natural looks to creative and colourful makes,” Mateus said.

“Graziella uses makeup to express someone internally. She creates, invents and produces art. The context is much broader than just makeup to cover or transform a face. It is about bringing all the expression and identity of the client and of itself from within. It’s about making art!”

The business card design is bold and super striking! Using red as the main colour, the brand exudes bold female empowerment. To match this distinctive visual identity, a special typeface was chosen for the logotype – Grand Slang by Nikolas Type.

“The whole visual identity has a fashionable aesthetic. The colours and blurs represent the lightness and the makeup arts that Ziellagra does for her clients.”

These business cards have not been printed but if they were, “The cards would be offset-printed on Couche 500g with matte lamination,” Mateus suggested.

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Designed by Mateus Yuzo

For Ziellagra

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