Zi Jun Liu business card

Zi-Jun Liu Personal Branding Business Card

Maybe Chang designed these business cards for Zi-Jun Liu, a pole artist and content writer.

According to Chang, “The client, Zi-jun, who likes to climb mountains, described the overall layering and the charm of the mountains: it is so beautiful and peaceful. As she puts it,

“I love the feeling of freedom when a swallow is flying. The feeling is just like flying in the depths of my soul and constantly trying to challenge myself.”

Zi Jun Liu business card2

Zi-Jun is currently working a nine-to-five job. After work, she interchanges between the roles of a write and pole artist.

With the former mundane while the latter expressive, Zi-Jun is able to balance both lives and making life interesting the way she intended.

The calming scenario is perfectly expressed in the clean, minimalist business card design.

The swallow illustration is also a depiction of swift gracefulness, which is required in dancing.

swallow illustrationZi Jun Liu swallow

These business cards were printed by Long Shun in Taiwan.

Speaking of the printing process, Chang described, “Firstly, utilizing the fine lines of Japanese cotton paper to show the temperature.”

“Secondly, the style of printmaking is made with black hot stamp foil roll of tinsel, also utilizing pearl foil and white tinsel to bring out the layering of mountains.”

“Finally, these two steps created a fantastic mountain scene on the business card.”

Zi Jun Liu business cardsZi Jun Liu business cardZi Jun Liu business cards2Zi Jun Liu business card3Zi Jun Liu business cards3Designed by Maybe Chang

Printed by Long Shun Special Printing Plant (隆順燙金印刷行)

For Zi-Jun Liu

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