Yukiko Ogawa beauty editor business cards

Yukiko Ogawa Beauty Editor Business Card

Sayaka Maeda designed these business cards for Yukiko Ogawa, a freelance beauty editor based in Japan.

Yukiko is an editor who’s active in a wide range of fields, including direction and writing for magazines and advertisements centered on beauty.

She also owned a beauty page that linked to fashion, and the business cards need to be in accordance with her brand, which is often associated with playfulness and trends well in sophistication!

Contrary to the usual business cards, Yukiko’s business cards are one-sided, and the overall design puts the emphasis on the business owner’s name in particular.

The touch of creativity infuses the business card with a playful yet sophisticated essence, truly reflecting Yukiko’s unique style!


A Delicate Typography

When it comes to font selection, Sayaka Maeda’s keen eye for detail shines through.

She explained, “I chose Displace 2.0 Regular for the brand’s logotype while Optima is used for the body text.”

“I decided to use a slightly distinctive font for the name part of the design.”

Displace 2.0, which gives an intelligent and delicate impression while maintaining readability, was perfect for Yukiko’s branding!”

As for the body text, Maeda opted for the ever-elegant Optima font.

This choice perfectly encapsulates Yukiko’s femininity and elegance, adding a touch of grace to the overall design.

“On a personal note, I really like Optima because it has no serifs, but it has an inflection, just the right design between a serif and a sans serif,” Sayaka added.


A Sophisticated Colour Palette

When it came to selecting the colours for Yukiko’s business cards, Sayaka Maeda aimed for a catchy impression while consciously avoiding an overly cute aesthetic.

“I adjusted the pink colour of the letters to the best colour to match the paper, which is green.”

Sayaka explained more, “Actually, we were supposed to use a different colour, but when I heard how Yukiko wished to present her brand, I felt that she would definitely like this colour combination better, so I proposed it.”

And sure enough, the end result perfectly complements the card’s overall design – such a harmonious and professional style!


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Hirata Printing, a printing company based in Tokyo.

These exquisite business cards were brought to life via letterpress-printing, and the paper used is Colorplan Powder Green.

Overall, this business card design is perfect for a beauty expert who wishes to express a modern vibe while keeping it minimal at the same time.


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Designed by Sayaka Maeda

Printed by Hirata Printing

For Yukiko Ogawa

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