Yucca Studio business card

Yucca Graphic Design Business Card

Yucca Studio designed these business cards for their corporate branding as a Porto-based independent graphic design practice owned by Catarina Freitas.

Art direction, branding, web design, photography and editorial design are just a few of the specialties offered by Yucca Studio’s small group of highly skilled and multidisciplinary professionals.

“As our own client in this branding project, it didn’t make it any easier! I remember we were working day and night to make sure everything was perfect to present our new studio. This was a really important project, as it was the beginning of a new era for me, and everything had to be perfect,” Catarina said.

Yucca Studio stationery

Brand Name & Colour Palette

For those interested in learning more about the brand name’s inspiration, the yucca plant (also known as the Palm Lily) is a hardy species that is sure to persist. According to Catarina, despite Yucca’s laid discrete and neutral appeal, it has quite a few symbolic meanings: new opportunities, protection, purity and loyalty.

“The plant thrives in desert regions because of its unbeatable combination of strength and reliability, and it is therefore well-suited to conditions of full sun and relative dryness. We hoped that this would be reflected in our visual identity, and we believe that it did.”

“Nature served as the inspiration for this branding project. I believe a good, healthy and creative work environment should also include outside walks, plants and a random dive in the sea.”

“The colour palette and the name Yucca are clearly linked to the organic world of nature, making the connection even more apparent.”

Yucca Studio business card_4

Typography & Card Printing

With a classic and elegant look, Apoc typeface incorporates some distinct elements to create an interesting contrast with Neue Haas Grotesk, the sans-serif in use.

“Together, the two convey the brand’s values of elegance and professionalism, as well as a clean and timeless style,” Catarina explained.

“Nautica typeface, by Resistenza Type Foundry, is used for the two ‘CC’ in the word ‘Yucca.’ We think that was a subtle detail about how we, ourselves, relate to nature, by using such an organic and elegant emboss detail.”

Yucca Studio business card_2

These business cards were printed on uncoated paper Keaykolour Sequoia by Gráfica Saúde Sá in Porto, Portugal.

“Due to the nature of the project and our studio’s environmental commitment, the paper used for card printing had to be recycled. We ended up choosing Arjowiggins Paper, which is 100% composed of recycled pulp.”

“In addition, the business card was also embossed,” Catarina added.


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Designed by Yucca Studio

Printed by Gráfica Saúde Sá

For Yucca Studio corporate branding

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