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Yra Studios Graphic Design Business Card

Yra Studios designed these business cards for the personal branding of Arianna, an Italian graphic designer who’s passionate and ambitious about making a continuous connection with brands and people.

Arianna’s goal is to always create and develop new, creative ideas. To emphasize this in her design, her studio’s logo was created with the idea of it not being just a symbol or monogram, but a complete identity that could be easily recognized everywhere.

YRA Studio logo
YRA logo animation

“The logo was designed with the name ‘Yra’ in mind, stylized in simple shapes that create an elegant, modern, fresh but at the same time catchy and fun ‘environment’ with a combination of neutral tones and a pop of colours,” Arianna said.

These business cards were printed on classic demimatt paper by PixartPrinting. The embossing printing technique was applied to the white pattern on the front for a sense of dimension and tactile experience.

Yra_embossed bcYRA businesscardsYRA embossed patternYRA businesscards2YRA stationeryYRA digital mediaYra Studio_wallpaperYRA poster Yra flyers

Designed by Yra Studios

Printed by PixartPrinting

For Yra Studios personal branding

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