Yoder wedding photography business cards

Yoder & Co Wedding Photography Business Card

Jon Chapman and Sydney Spears designed these business cards for Yoder & Co., a wedding photography and video service based in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Yoder stands out from competitors by prioritizing genuine connection and friendship with clients.

Imagine having a team by your side that genuinely cares about making your special day stress-free and enjoyable. That’s exactly what Yoder aims to do!

These stunning business cards are part of the brand development of Yoder’s, and they perfectly align with the brand’s values of professionalism, reliability, and creating a friendly atmosphere for their clients and partners.

Let’s find out how Jon and Sydney found their inspiration and brought this amazing design to life!


Logo Design

According to Jon, the brand identity was created based on the position of “A Tradition of Quality Memory Making,” with a touch of familiar Americana style that celebrates a friendlier time.

He explained, “The bird icon in the logo is representative of the symbol of America, the eagle, and also a symbol of peace and love (the dove).”

“We felt that using a bird blended all the elements we wanted to portray.”

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Vertical Layout and Badge-like Symbols

On the business cards, you’ll notice two badge-like symbols on both sides.

They pay homage to the tradition of ephemera – enclosures, symmetrical images, etc. – along with the usage of wedding imagery.

When asked about the reason to opt for a vertical layout over a horizontal one, Jon replied, “Mainly, we wanted to feature the vertical version of the primary badge (the black sheet) and liked the idea of the primary (contact) info surrounding a round badge on the reverse side.”

“The vertical format was slightly unique enough to be impactful, but it also allowed for the details we wanted to be the primary focus.”



The unique logotype was custom-designed especially for Yoder.

Jon pointed out that all primary typography is custom and strikes a balance of delicate and familiar imagery, often associated with nostalgia.

“We also use Lowdrag from Fort Foundry as a supportive type.”

“The font has simple spurs and some whimsy in the letterforms that feel reminiscent of hand-carved cigar boxes.”

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Colour Palette

The main colour palette revolves around black and white, while at the same time, gold is added to evoke elegance.

“We wanted the colour palette to appeal to a high-end audience, primarily using a dark/light simplicity, but most elements feature gold,” Jon said.

“The gold/black/white combination helps to align the brand with nostalgia AND luxury.”

“We also use neon red as a tertiary colour pop to create visual interest.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Metro VCS, a printing company based in Dallas, Texas.

The cards were letterpress-printed using gold foil on duplexed cardstock: 100# French Standard White Kraft-tone Cover for the contact info side and 140# French Muscletone Black Vellum Cover for the back side.

The final result is a premium and luxurious business card design that’s bound to leave a lasting impression!


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Designed by Jon Chapman & Sydney Spears for Brokenstraw

Printed by Metro VCS

For Yoder & Co

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