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YesColours Sustainable Paint Company Business Card

Brent Gorsky at Studio APM designed these business cards for YesColours, a sustainable paint brand located in the UK.

These business cards are fascinating – not only are they pleasant to the eyes, but they make us curious about the company, what they stand for, and their decisions in making these unique business cards.

We hope you’ll find this design story as enlightening as we do.


A Company that Celebrates Colours AND Sustainability

YesColours is a different kind of paint company. It’s not just a company obsessed with colour and the way it makes people feel, but also a company that rethinking what it means to be sustainable.

YesColours is an eco-friendly paint company challenging the paint industry’s complacency with waste — an industry that sends 14,000 tonnes of tins to landfills every year and generates 55 million litres of paint waste in the UK alone!

That’s why YesColours is dedicated to minimising its environmental impact through various practises:

  • Uses recyclable pouches for paint packaging.
  • Offers paints in 1 litre increments to reduce waste.
  • Produces paints that have the lowest VOC rating possible; free from micro-plastics and vegan-friendly.
  • Emphasises local production by manufacturing all paints in Britain.
  • Continuously monitoring the carbon footprint at each stage of production.

Now, here comes the big question:

how can a sustainability-focused company like YesColours create business cards that align with their mission and beliefs?

YesColours paint business card


Brand Image

The YesColours palette was created as part of the founders’ mission to open up colour to EVERYONE!

They want people to feel empowered to make colour decisions based on their own preferences — a love of colour — rather than on fleeting colour trends or seasonal considerations.

When it came to bringing this idea to life on their business cards, YesColours wanted them to show their love for colours and sustainability.

So, they teamed up with Studio APM for the design and DotStudio for printing.

Together, they came up with a cool idea: business cards that resembled YesColours’ innovative paint pouches while also using eco-friendly papers and foils.


Colours and Typography

Brent, the designer, worked with the founder to successfully capture the YesColours vibe — a perfect blend of style and sustainability!

By keeping the overall design minimal, YesColours business cards are able to put the emphasis on their catchy colours — electric orange and joyful pink dots.

According to Brent, the foiled dot on the front of the cards uses vibrant Amp Orange and Sugar Pink foils to highlight YesColour’s aim to inspire joy and optimism through colour.

A sloping emboss was also added to the dot to give it the illusion of a fallen drop of paint. Genius!

With the colours being the main focus of the cards, it’s wise to keep the typography simple.

The bold sans serif font of the company’s name is prominently printed on the cards, just above the colour dots.

The vertical layout is another great way to stand out. Also, the rounded corners are a great match to the colour dots, making the entire branding look welcoming and friendly.

YesColours paint dot_business card


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Dot Studio, a London based printing company specialising in foil blocking, screen printing and other print finishing.

The cards were printed via black screen printing on 300gsm Gmund Bio Cycle Rag and foil embossing with Amp Orange and Sugar Pink foils.

The embossed printing technique made the colours pop while the debossed section create a visual impact on the contact details side.

To ensure it was all eco-friendly, YesColours opted for foils from Foilco, who are certified as zero-foil, landfill compliant, and Bio Cycle Rag from Gmund — a paper that reuses waste cotton from the garment industry. The cotton is combined with plant fibres and is compostable, creating a perfect ecological cycle.


What We Think:

It’s fascinating how YesColours business cards pay homage to their revolutionary paint pouch packaging that’s rapidly transforming the industry in waste reduction and better recycling options. We only hope that more brands and companies will make better choices in the way products are created, marketed, and consumed.

Through conscious design choices like YesColours’ business cards, companies can send a clear message about their commitment to a greener future. Something we should all think about for a more sustainable future.


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Designed by Studio APM

Printed by Dot Studio

For YesColours

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