XP Private business card

XP Private Investment Business Card

Marcel Bittencourt designed these business cards for XP Private, the first global investments brand from XP Inc., one of Latin America’s largest financial groups.

Marcel was approached by the client to handle the branding project which includes logo design, visual identity, website and also São Paulo’s office design project.

XP Private logo

“Aimed at high-end investors, the brand is positioned as the perfect match between the solidity of a classic commercial bank and the agility of a global independent wealth manager. This strategy led to the development of a visual identity that was all about minimalism and elegance, a far cry from the opulent, old fashioned look-and-feel used by the competition.”

When been asked about the inspiration behind the card design, Marcel replied, “As mentioned above, XP Private’s services represent the best of two worlds: banking and independent wealth management. This duality was the project’s starting point and main inspiration.”

“Everything regarding the brand’s identity balances classic and modern elements, sober and experimental approaches.”

XP Private front design
“The materials and finishes used to compose stationery items – such as the cards – were chosen to work everywhere as globally-recognized symbols of sophistication.”

These business cards were printed by Folke, a premium printing company in São Paulo, Brazil.

“The 1-mm-thick business cards were designed with minimalism in mind. Folke features copper foil stamping printed over two high-quality, textured papers (charcoal and white), and also letter embossing,” Marcel added.


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XP Private business cardsXP Private card edgesxp-private-brand-stationeryXP Private

Designed by Marcel Bittencourt

Printed by Folke

For XP Private

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