Xodóbox business cards

Xodóbox Graze Boxes Business Card

Hannah Erber designed these business cards for Xodóbox, a company that makes beautiful graze boxes based in Vienna, Austria.

“Xodóbox is all about aesthetic. They produce high-end graze boxes with a lot of delicious delicacies,” Hannah said.

The word Xodó in the brand name means ‘love’ in Portuguese. So, the whole branding, including the business cards, should reflect the sensual and exceptional experience provided by Xodóbox.

Hannah explained further, “Xodóbox wants to help customers create special moments with friends and family, especially the warm feeling of memories while having a delicious meal together, without the stress of standing hours (preparing the meal) in the kitchen.”

Ornamental Illustration

The concept behind the business card design is a hand drawn ornamental illustration, which according to Hannah, refers to Portuguese tile-art.

“The illustration was made in Procreate as a hand-drawn painting, and it gives the brand design a highly custom-made look.”

“In the floral décor, the main letter ‘x’ is hidden. Then, I also used the illustration for the logo in a more simple way.”

Xodóbox patternXodóbox logo

Typography & Colours

To balance out the elaborated style of the tile-illustration, Hannah chose a modern, clean typeface called Hero New.

“The idea was to create the warm feeling of a family holiday in Portugal, when they open the graze box,” she said.

As for the colours, Hannah chose a warm and harmonious colour palette.

Xodóbox business card_pattern

“When you think about Portuguese tiles, royal blue comes into mind. I wanted to refer to that, but in a more modern way. Therefore, I used a greyish, lighter blue.”

In order to give the business card design a nice contrast, Hannah combined it with a soft, warm muted orange.

These square business cards have not been printed but if they were, “The cards should be printed on heavy weight paper for a more luxurious feel. They also might have some finishing with gold hot foil,” Hannah suggested.

Xodóbox business cardXodóbox bagXodóbox stickers

Designed by Hannah Erber

For Xodóbox

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