Xarxa capital business cards

Xarxa Capital Investment Business Card

Diego Fernández designed these business cards for Xarxa Capital, the first open investment network specialized in sports business.

“The company selects, invests and supports business projects of high added value, scalable, with high rates of profitability and disruptive sports sector,” Diego said.

“Its primary benefit is to have a reliable network of experience, contacts and knowledge between investors and entrepreneurs.”

“Consequently, for the creation of the brand and its corporate identity, we chose a flexible and abstract representation of the concept ‘network’ together with colour and typographic system that brings confidence to the values of the company.”

The word ‘Xarxa’ means ‘network’ in Catalonian language.

On the business cards, the dots or holes can be seen connected from one to another via straight lines to simulate the idea.

These business cards were printed by Pressing on Arkoprint Milk 300g using cutter plate for the holes; 1+1 tints (Pantone 5415) plus matte varnish.


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Xarxa Capital Investment Business CardXarxa Capital logoXarxa Capital Investment notebook

Designed by Diego Fernández

Printed by Pressing

For Xarxa Capital

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