Wild Daisy business card

Wild Daisy Florist Business Card

Natalie Gollop designed these business cards for Wild Daisy, a florist brand.

“Wild Daisy was a personal project of mine as a florist brand is one of my dream clients. I wanted to aim this design more to a female audience to encourage them to buy flowers for themselves over anyone else,” Natalie said.

“Most florists target a range of audiences so I wanted this one to stand out to my audience and also feel more unique.”

Wild Daisy bouquet
Speaking of the design inspiration, Natalie said, “One of my favourite flowers are daisies because they’re so small and so cute, but they also remind me of times when I would pick them up off the grass in the playground at school. That was the main inspiration behind the name and the flowers behind the typeface.”

The pink/gold colour combination is a beautiful choice since it reflects a delicate and elegant vibe for the overall brand image.

Wild Daisy_logoWild Daisy logotype
“The colour pink was inspired by my favourite colour. I used the typeface Gopher as it felt sophisticated and elegant enough to appeal to the target audience of this brand.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I like the idea of the cards being printed on recycled card. I love the texture of it and think this type of paper fits the natural / nature side of the brand perfectly,” Natalie suggested.

Overall, it’s a clean, stunning business card design with a lasting impression!

Wild Daisy business cardWild Daisy care cardWild Daisy_flower food

Designed by Natalie Gollop

For Wild Daisy

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