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Whiskers, Paws & Tails Pet Grooming Business Card

Yamski Design designed these business cards for Whiskers, Paws & Tails, a mobile pet grooming company serving Greater Denver and surrounding areas.

These pet grooming business cards are super adorable with a lovely logo and clever choice of colors!

The cards aim to convey the brand’s playfulness while still maintaining a professional and welcoming image.


A Clever Logo Design

Whiskers, Paws & Tails offers quality on-the-spot grooming services for your pet’s comfort. The idea is to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible for you and your furry family member.

The company’s logo is a combination of two popular pets – clever use of negative space indeed! They are beautifully designed in a circular shape with stars at the sides.

“The logo is a cat-and-dog synthesis,” explained Gaby, the founder of Yamski Design.

“The glitters on the side represent how clean and polished the pets look after the service.”

Whiskers Paws and Tails_Logo


A Playful Typography and Colors

The main font used for the visual identity is called Dongle. According to Gaby, it reflects the brand values they were looking for, which are playful and easy to reach.

The illustrative pattern can be found on both sides of the card, and it further enhances its appearance, making it more intriguing and friendly.

Gaby said that these are actually a playful synthesis of the patterns found in a dog’s and cat’s fur.

When it comes to the brand’s color palette, Gaby said, “The color pink represents playfulness and warmth.”

“Since the brand is all about having patience and trust while working on the animals, dark blue was chosen to represent commitment, trust, and professionalism.”

Whiskers, Paws & TailsTote bag


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on MOO’s cotton paper stock with an uncoated finish.

These cotton business cards were made from cotton linters that are 100% recyclable. They also have a nice soft texture, which is perfect for a pet’s grooming brand.


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Designed by Yamski Design

Printed by MOO

For Whiskers, Paws & Tails

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