WIP security business cards

Weave Intelligence Protection Business Card

Vanesa Ajdini designed these business cards for WIP, a small local start-up that provides security and investigation services in Albania and around the world.

WIP focuses on intelligence and security solutions while implementing state-of-the-art technology and weaving it with the right human resources and expertise.

Furthermore, Weave Intelligence Protection provides smart solutions for physical protection. They target small and medium-sized corporations as well as individuals.

The business card is designed to convey a sense of being secretly intelligent while at the same time bold and mindful.

WIP protection business cards


A Futuristic Logo Design

According to Vanesa, the logo was a symbol that feels sharp and bug-like to express intelligence.

It also has a close connection to the company name as well: Weave Intelligence Protection.

She explained, “The symbol is created by multiplying the design of the letter ‘W’ for the word ‘weave’.”

“The inspiration to develop a bug-like symbol for the logo came from the word ‘weave’ itself. It immediately connects to a spider or an insect.”

WIP Security business card

“In this case, we are dealing with a brand whose expertise takes place in the security and investigations industry. The word ‘bug’ is often used to describe a glitch or a spyware in their world.”

“Therefore, the idea of creating the ‘weave’ hero-bug was chosen.”

The bug is created with the letter “W” mirrored, upside and downside, to give a better representation of the word “Weave”.

In addition, the letter “W” is designed to have a silhouette that resembles a shield in order to represent protection.


A Modern & Legible Typography

The typefaces used are Helvetica Neue and Decima Pro Mono. Both are sans-serif fonts that look sleek and professional.

“I chose Helvetica Neue because I wanted to make the brand feel more human and timeless,” Vanesa said.

“On the other hand, using Decima Pro Mono added to the brand identity a more high-tech approach.”

“At the same time, it gives the idea of ‘traces’ with the way that the font is designed and used in this project, which once again reinforces the brand’s archetype and personality.”

WIP Security business cards

Vanesa even chose a “bigger than usual” font size (21pt) for the name of the business card holder, as well as his or her title.

“At the same time, mindfulness is expressed through the smaller horizontal and vertical texts spread throughout the business card.”

“The card recipient in this case is forced to become focused in order to read what is written there, which will create a moment of awareness or mindfulness.”


A Color Palette That’s Subtle yet Contemporary

Vanesa used blue shades for the brand colours to express the idea of secrecy and intelligence while maintaining a low contrast between the text and its background.

It also keeps up with the trend to make the brand feel contemporary.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are not printed yet, but Vanesa suggested printing them with matte lamination to maintain a consistent theme of “secrecy and intelligence” (matte) while being “protected” (laminated).


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WIP protection business cardWIP Security brandingWIP Security posters_billboard

Designed by Vanesa Ajdini

For WIP (Weave Intelligence Protection)

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