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Walkabout Natural Crystals Business Card

Bask Studio designed these business cards for Walkabout, a brand that sells natural objects such as fossils and crystals.

Bask Studio managed the entire brand identity including designing the logo, stationery, signage and packaging.

walkabout logoWalkabout illustrations

“Walkabout is an ethical lifestyle store selling fossils, crystals, jewellery and home wares. Their earthly treasures are hand-picked and sourced from every corner of the world,” said Elly Beamer, the Designer at Bask Studio.

“The goal of the branding was to appeal to the adventure seekers and the spiritual souls.”

The business card design is fresh, inviting and striking enough to capture people’s attention. Its vertical layout makes it stands out and accommodates the graphic elements very well.

Walkabout logo and illustrationsWalkabout logo construction

“The icon represents a compass, landscape and a crystal. The patterns and shapes are interpretations of crystals, agates etc. I also included a texture to represent the soil/earth where the fossils and crystals are found,” Elly explained.

The typography used in the visual identity are Exo Medium and Cutive Mono.

According to Elly, the client wanted a typeface that’s both bold and strong, and not too feminine as the branding needs to appeal to their wide consumer market.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They would be letterpress printed on a thick textured stock,” Elly suggested.

walkabout business cardWalk About StationeryWalkabout packaging boxWalkabout signageWalkabout packaging designsWalkabout catalogue

Designed by Bask Studio

For Walkabout

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