Waldort Towers Hotel business cards

Waldorf Towers Hotel Business Card

DeLeon Creative designed these business cards for Waldort Tower, an iconic hotel located in the heart of South Beach, Miami.

Designed in 1937 by the visionary architect Albert Anis, this 43-room Art Deco masterpiece is directly across from the Miami Beach.

The hotel boasts an atmosphere where sleek sophistication meets retro, playful energy. Even after all these years, it still hasn’t lost its unique charm, with the signature rooftop lighthouse proudly perched above the northeast corner.

But what’s truly remarkable is how DeLeon Creative managed to capture the essence of this hotel’s history and charm in their business card design. Let’s dive into the design details right away!


Logo Design

DeLeon Creative has brilliantly designed a logo inspired by the architecture of the hotel itself. It features four key symbols: the North Star, the checkerboard, the lighthouse, and the façade.

These elements are artfully integrated into the logo design, paying homage to the hotel’s historical past while infusing it with a touch of modern vibrancy.

Waldorf Towers Hotel_logo construction


Illustrations and Pattern Design

One of the most captivating aspects of the Waldorf Towers Hotel’s business cards is none other than the illustrative pattern design.

Derived from the same symbols used in the logo, these patterns perfectly fit in the vertical layout of the card with the arrangement inspired by retro wallpapers to portray a vibrant, energising and playful brand.

This element breathes life and personality into the cards, elevating them from mere contact information carriers to miniature works of art!


Typography and Colours

To complement the overall vibe of this brand identity, DeLeon Creative chose a beautiful font called Manier for the logotype.

Manier exudes elegance with its unique features, perfectly aligning with the Waldorf Towers Hotel’s sophisticated yet playful characteristics.

With shades like Sunset Haze, Magic City Green, Breezy Blue, Paradise Pastel, and White Sand, these business cards exude the energy and charm of Miami Beach itself!

These bright and bold colours breathe life into the business card design, making each card a visual delight and a true reflection of the hotel’s personality — a symbol of style and relaxation for the guests.

Waldort Towers Hotel business logos


Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to printing, DeLeon Creative suggested having the business cards printed on a thick stock, 32pt Luxe paper from MOO.

The logo on the front (contact info side) of the card would be embossed to create a tactile and memorable experience for the card recipient.


What We Think:

It’s particularly a genius move by DeLeon Creative to expand the four symbols into repeating graphic patterns with vibrant colours!

A great reminder that business cards don’t have to be ordinary but rather, a canvas for creativity that sets your brand apart from competitors.


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Designed by DeLeon Creative

For Waldorf Towers Hotel

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