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Vivienne Rao Makeup Artist Business Card

Rita Yuhan Liu designed these business cards for Vivienne Rao, a makeup artist based in Los Angeles.

Vivienne approached Rita for the branding project including designing the logo, handwritten typography, illustrations and collateral design. According to Rita, the main idea was to develop a brand identity that expresses the makeup artist’s expertise and her passion for makeup.

“My design inspiration was Henri Matisse’s work: his work is timeless and modern looking. My idea was to create sometime representing history but not outdated,” Rita said.

Vivienne logo
For the logo design, Rita created her own typeface by drawing them out on paper and transferred into Illustrator. For the contact info, the typeface used was Andale Mono.

With Rita’s illustrator’s background, she created the iconic illustrations for Vivienne to make the cards stand out. “I wanted the design to be straight to the point and still feeling modern overall.”

Vivienne business cards
When it comes to card-printing, Rita suggested MOO to her client, “I have been using their services and I feel confident in their quality.”

“I chose the soft touch with spot gloss finish for the business cards in order to highlight the illustration and the client’s name. That way we can have some interaction for her clients when they receive the card.”

Vivienne business cardVivienne business cardVivienne brandingVivienne tag and apronVivienne branding2

Designed by Rita Yuhan Liu at Lemon Vision

Printed by MOO

For Vivienne Rao

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