Viva La Vida business card

Viva La Vida Eatery Business Card

Vegrande designed these business cards for Viva La Vida, a concept developed thinking on a home cooked, healthy Mexican eatery, with the sentiment that we always go back home (in real life or in our minds) when we think of nourishing and delicious food.

According to Vegrande, the brand was inspired by the experience of eating just like at home, as a visual translation of that pure feeling that is only triggered by the flavours found in a true home.

“Through imperfect traces – starting from a customized wordmark based on AXIS Extra Bold – irregular angle inclinations and a warm colour palette, the brand is infused with a kind and familiar personality.”

Viva La Vida branding
“Eating something delicious draws a smile on our faces. Such smile is projected in the symbol, formed by the initials of the name, expressing good-memories nostalgia and satisfaction.”

We asked Vegrande to share their printing ideas for this fascinating design, here’s what they suggested, “Simplicity and accessibility are key to this brand. Therefore, the expectation was to source a matte, salmon-coloured, 250g stock and screen print a single pass of black and red so only a thin layer of ink fused with the paper.”

Viva La Vida business cardViva La Vida stationery Viva La Vida boxViva La Vida tablecloth Viva La Vida paper bags

Designed by Vegrande

For Viva La Vida

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