VINCE black business card

VINCE Film Production Business Card

VINCE created these business cards for their corporate branding – a UK based production company creating films for brands and advertising agencies.

As an award-winning content production company, it’s fascinating to see that VINCE went for a minimal yet stunning design.

“So in designing a business card – we are trying to advertise ourselves to people that advertise!” said Christian Gane, the Exec Producer of VINCE.

“Our clients are experts at marketing, so we need something that is clean, not too ‘try-hard.'”

“It needs to have certain detailing that makes people sit up and appreciate these cards are a tangible item in a digital, sometimes vacuous, world.”


Logo Design & Business Card Printing

The front design of the business card is subtle and sleek, thanks to the foiling effect applied on the logotype.

“We have no brand guidelines as such, just our logo. So we were able to experiment but came to the conclusion quickly that dark tones and bold lettering were going to work well.”

“We weren’t trying to hammer home the logo too much with bright lettering (we wanted an air of confidence about the design) but with black gloss foil to the large logo side.”

“It really helps to catch the eye in a subtle way when the light hits this against a background of matte card.”

VINCE had a thorough considerations when it comes to the back design as well.

The reverse had smaller type so the black gloss foil wasn’t necessarily going to work quite as well because the messaging had to be clearer.

So, VINCE opted for a white foil to pop this copy out. But that didn’t stop the fact that the cards might look a little too dark and not ‘wow’ enough.

Solutions? Painted edges with fluorescent orange ink!

“We opted to showcase a fun side with a bright orange edge painting that complimented the dark greys and black sheens.”

“The fact that it was duplexed meant that the orange edge painting really stood out with a thick (but not too thick!) quality card – all expertly executed by Elegante Press, the printer,” Christian complimented.

These business cards were printed on 700gsm Premium paper by Elegante Press through applications of foiling, duplex and edge painting techniques.

The cards were printed on two separate premium black matte paper sheets with black glossy and extra white foils before they were glued together to create that classy, outstanding first impression!


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Designed by VINCE

Printed by Elegante Press


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