Villa Sangiovese business card

Villa Sangiovese Hotel Business Card

Alexis Balinoff designed these business cards for Villa Sangiovese, a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Tuscany.

When been asked about the design process and inspiration behind the visual identity, Alexis replied, “It is part of a cultural, regional and sustainable approach. Surrounded by vineyards and exceptional vineyards, it represents Italian traditions with authenticity.”

The card design has an elegant, sophisticated feel with cleverly crafted typography and illustration to present the brand perfectly.

Villa Sangiovese business cardsVilla Sangiovese
“I worked on a typographical composition to represent Italian elegance and subtlety. I modified the letters one by one to obtain a unique coherence.”

As for card-printing, here’s what Alex suggested, “I wanted those cards to feel premium. I wanted the olive leaf to have more thickness so that it can stand out from the card design and bring a unique texture to the card.”

Villa Sangiovese business cardVilla Sangiovese stationery Villa Sangiovese menu

Designed by Alexis Balinoff

For Villa Sangiovese

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