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Vidi Custom Portraits Business Card

Vidhee Chamaria designed these business cards for Vidi Creates, her designing service that offers custom portraits in both digital and animated formats on various items, such as tote bags and magnetic badges.

Vidhee’s aim with the design was to give her personal branding a very cute and retro vibe, something that creates a very personal connection with the customers, given that her business revolves around custom portraits.

She explained, “The cards are designed to bring back the retro era of classic postcard style, complete with a stamp!”

“I wanted to give all my clients a cute postcard as a souvenir with their orders, and I created one that fit perfectly for my brand as well.”


Logo and Square Layout

Vidhee’s logo features a digitally illustrated self-portrait, which she created to reflect her artistic style.

To make her brand stand out, she even opted for a square business card!

According to Vidhee, the uncommon square-shaped business card is a great way to make a strong impression.

“We wanted to break away from the typical rectangular postcard design for the business card. Think of it as our way of ‘thinking outside the box’.”

“Besides, the square layout gives the business card a cute and compact look, allowing them and the souvenir postcards to have their own unique identity and separate look.”


Typography and Colours

Vidhee chose Proxima Nova Alt to be used alongside her portrait. It’s a simple sans serif font with good legibility, and it complements her portrait logo well.

Another secondary font she used is called Milkshake, which creates a nice contrast on the business card.

As for her brand colours, Vidhee opted for a soothing palette by taking pastel hues of blue and green, with a tiny pop of purple serving as the brand’s secondary colour.

This colour scheme extends to the logo and social media designs, resulting in a cohesive brand identity!


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Printo, a digital print company in India.

The cards were printed on 350gsm Ninbo Star Art Paper to give them a rigid and sturdy feel.


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Designed by Vidhee Chamaria

Printed by Printo

For Vidi Creates personal branding

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