Veridian men fashion business card

Veridian Men’s Fashion Business Card

Marija Vasilijić designed these business cards for Veridian, a prestigious men’s fashion brand that aims to offer sophisticated and elegant clothing for the modern gentleman.

With a commitment to offering refined and distinguished clothing, Veridian sought to establish an unforgettable brand identity through their business cards.

But first, it needs a simple yet memorable logo that would effectively communicate the company’s dedication to excellence, refinement, and exclusivity, and that’s where Marija comes into the picture.


Logo Design

Marija designed the logo to convey the brand’s values while appealing to the discerning tastes of their target market.

She revealed her ingenious creation – a captivating logomark composed of two intertwined letters “V”.

By adding two circles outside the monogram, it symbolises harmony, unity and balance.

These circles carry a profound meaning: they signify a sense of inclusivity and community, showing that Veridian is more than just a brand but a lifestyle that connects like-minded individuals together.

Veridian fashion logo



The typeface used for the logotype is Big Caslon, a serif font that evokes a sense of timelessness and tradition.

Marija said that the serifs add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the typography, which aligns perfectly with Veridian’s brand positioning.


Colour Palette

Marija’s colour selections add further depth to the logo design.

Veridian’s premium status is reflected through the use of dark blue-grey, which also signifies confidence, authority and sophistication.

It perfectly shows Veridian’s ability to offer refined and timeless pieces that exude confidence.

The dark green-grey colour is calming and adds a touch of nature-inspired luxury, bringing thoughts of growth and harmony.

By selecting this colour, Veridian wanted to show their dedication to sustainability and ethical practises, proving that their brand extends far beyond aesthetics.


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards have not been printed yet.

To truly capture the essence of Veridian’s distinguished brand, Marija recommends printing the business cards on premium paper stock with a matte finish.


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Designed by Marija Vasilijić

For Veridian

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