Velocipede Bikes Organization Business Card

Lindsey Acuti designed these business cards for Velocipede, a bike organization offering workshops and retail bikes for people to learn to work on their bikes, maintain them, or just buy refurbished ones to suit their needs.

“The design process and inspiration comes from the urban feel of the city of Baltimore, where the organization resides,” Lindsey said.

“Biking is popular here but I wanted to combine some of the industrial aspects of the city with the mechanical ones of bike components like gears and bolts/nuts, as pictured on the business card. The ‘V’ icon (monogram) is the primary mark for the company.”

The visual identity applies minimal approach yet catchy enough to grab people’s attention, thanks to its colour palette and illustrative elements.

The use of bolts and gears are perfect to convey the brand’s mission, and the importance of keeping everything intact by placing them close to one another, kind of like how the organization works and the mechanical background behind it.

These business cards haven’t been printed yet. Even so, Lindsay had provided some printing suggestions for her creative work.

“I’d like to use a matte cardstock with spot UV/gloss over the iconography and that’s on the front and back (the gear and the bolt/nut piece) so that those elements were glossy and the cardstock would be matte.”

“Something sleek while also being minimal and subtle,” she added.


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velocipede biking business cardsVelocipede biking logos

Designed by Lindsey Acuti

For Velocipede

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