Veganced business card

Veganced Blogger Business Card

Studio Krista designed these business cards for Veganced, a vegan food and lifestyle blogger.

“This client’s blog is about vegan food and lifestyle. She believes that eating well can help you glow from the inside out,” Krista said.

The design idea was to portray a feminine, minimal and luxurious brand that focuses on ‘glow’. Studio Krista achieved that with the perfect typography and colour choice.

Veganced submark

The inspiration for the typography came from the brand’s desire to create something that was both elegant and super clean.

“The organic stars represent the ‘glow’-up recipes created by Veganced. The design is aligned with the client’s overall vision of clean, minimal, holistic and luxurious,” Krista explained.

The typeface used is called Grand Slang, and the tagline is written in Modena.

Veganced submarks

“As for the colour palette, we wanted something that would be representative of their vegan roots. So, we’re sticking with neutral colours.”

“The cream and sage green should work really well when paired with the Veganced signature food photography style, which is typically quite bright and bold.”

These business cards have not been printed yet. When it comes to printing, Krista recommended printing the cards on recycled paper with a grain texture. The submark logo should also be embossed on the business card to highlight the signature of the brand and to provide a tactile experience for the recipient of the card.

Veganced business cardVeganced tagVeganced sign

Designed by Studio Krista

For Veganced

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