VC Digital wedding designer business card

VC Digital Wedding Material Designer Business Card

Nayane Costa designed these business cards for VC Digital, a graphic designer who specializes in designing wedding materials.

These business cards are perfect for a wedding designer, and despite their simple layout, they nevertheless manage to convey an air of elegance. Having a logo that’s both polished and memorable definitely helps!


A Copper-Foiled Monogram

Nayane’s last name, Valderrama Costa, inspired the VC monogram.

She explained, “I wanted a clean but sophisticated logo to create a professional, unique branding for my design creations.”

Nayane opted for a more geometrical design for her logotype instead of the script font that’s normally seen on wedding-related businesses.

“The logo was designed focusing on my initials, which were VC, and how it would work the best.”

VC Digital wedding designer logo

“As well as wedding design material work, I also do other types of design work such as logos, other invitation designs, brochures, web design work and more.”

“Therefore, I didn’t want my logo to focus only on wedding-related businesses although that’s my main focus.”

“These business cards, however, are focused on wedding customers as I want to get more clients in that sector instead of other design work.”

Nayane tested different design options and finally landed on the idea of using a subtle monogram on the contact side of the business card as well.

That way, her brand can stay memorable without it being too prominent until it distracts the card recipient.

VC Digital wedding invitation card_business card


An Elegant Colour Palette

A more delicate colour palette was selected for Nayane’s personal branding.

“When deciding on the brand colours, I was thinking of a clean, delicate impression. By adding the copper gradient/foil to the logo, the business cards look more sophisticated.”

“Also, I decided to go for copper painted edges and foil printing as I wanted potential wedding clients to remember my business card rather than forget about it.”

VC Digital wedding_bc


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by

“The business cards were printed on silk paper with a copper-foiling effect at the front of the card, including copper painted edges, which were done manually by myself,” Nayane added.


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VC Digital wedding designer business cardsVC Digital wedding invitation design

Designed by Nayane Costa

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For VC Digital

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